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Association News & Updates

Released October 7, 2018, Meg Butler

October 2018 Founders Day Message Celebrating Kappa:

Our Past, Present and Future Founders Day is a wonderful time to take a minute out of busy lives to celebrate Kappa Kappa Gamma. To honor our past, cherish the present and dream of the future. So, as we inch ever closer to 2020 when Kappa will celebrate its Sesquicentennial (150 years), it is important to take time to pause and commemorate our history, vision and ideals that have stood the test of time.

Former Fraternity President Mary Turner Whitney, Cincinnati, stated, “Kappa Kappa Gamma from its inception has been forward thinking and progressive. Steadfast always to the ideals and purposes of its Founders, it has continued to welcome new ideas and methods of interpreting the original ones.”

At the 2018 General Convention this summer, Fraternity Council announced Kappa’s updated branding with its tagline: Dream boldly. Live fully. Through a comprehensive study that included Kappas throughout our organization, university administrators and campus leaders, Kappa solidified our values of truth, connection, respect, optimism, trailblazing and knowledge. These values shape our culture, guide our behaviors and define the character of past, present and future Kappas.

Throughout the Fraternity’s 148 years, we have celebrated our trailblazing spirit by recognizing members who have overcome seemingly impossible challenges to make a positive difference in the lives of our nation and organization. The journey began with our Founders. They believed that women needed a loyal network to support their educational goals, build leadership skills and foster positive relationships. The inception of Kappa Kappa Gamma produced members who have fought for the right for women to vote; championed medical, housing and rehabilitation reform; stood for equal rights; and proved that women can be governors, senators, CEOs, judges, and more. Kappa Kappa Gamma has a rich history of women who dreamed boldly, lived fully and tore down barriers so future generations of Kappas could forge new trails.

Today, each member has the opportunity to recommit to our values and acknowledge our part in Kappa Kappa Gamma’s living history. Collegians, create a college experience that is free of hazing, is inclusive, promotes academic excellence, and supports the social-emotional needs of our members. Alumnae, continue to be mentors by leading with optimism, respecting and embracing differences, and building positive relationships within your communities.

In the words of Lois Catherman Heenehan, Adelphi, Loyalty Award recipient, “Women of vision will always feel the world is moving too slowly. They will always conclude that they would have something new. They will find a bridge to cross, a challenge to meet, a way to be a pioneer.”

This fall, let’s celebrate our membership and commit to reaffirming our values by being true to ourselves, living with integrity, cherishing our relationships, respecting and embracing differences, and living up to all that is fine in life and thought and character. We each carry with us the optimism and trailblazing spirit of our Founders and those who have come before us. Let us each strive to dream boldly, live fully and make our mark on the living history of Kappa Kappa Gamma. Happy Founders Day!

Additional information on Kappa Kappa Gamma: Kappa Kappa Gamma is 148 years old and proudly claims 141 active chapters, 246 alumnae associations and more than 287,500 initiated members since its founding in 1870. During the past year, the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation preserved our archives digitally and provided more than $1.2 million in merit-based scholarships and more than $375,000 in confidential aid. Furthermore, the Foundation continues to support the ongoing education of all members.

Written by Denise Rugani, UC Davis, Ritual and History Director.